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By Committee on Assessment of Agent Monitoring Strategies for the Blue Grass and Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plants, Board on Army Science and Technology, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council

January 2012 observed the final touch of the U.S. Army's Chemical fabrics Agency's (CMA's) job to wreck ninety percentage of the nation's stockpile of chemical guns. CMA accomplished destruction of the chemical brokers and linked guns deployed in another country, which have been transported to Johnston Atoll, southwest of Hawaii, and demilitarized there. the rest 10 percentage of the nation's chemical guns stockpile is saved at continental U.S. depots, in Lexington, Kentucky, and Pueblo, Colorado. Their destruction has been assigned to a separate U.S. military association, the Assembled Chemical guns possible choices (ACWA) Element.

ACWA is at present developing the final chemical guns disposal amenities, the Pueblo and Blue Grass Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot vegetation (denoted PCAPP and BGCAPP), with guns destruction actions scheduled to begin in 2015 and 2020, respectively. ACWA is charged with destroying the mustard agent stockpile at Pueblo and the nerve and mustard agent stockpile at Blue Grass with out utilizing the a number of incinerators and furnaces used on the 5 CMA demilitarization crops that handled assembled chemical guns - munitions containing either chemical brokers and explosive/propulsive elements. the 2 ACWA demilitarization amenities are congressionally mandated to hire noncombustion-based chemical neutralization methods to break chemical agents.

In order to soundly function its disposal crops, CMA built equipment and techniques to observe chemical agent illness of either secondary waste material and plant structural elements. ACWA at the moment plans to undertake those equipment and strategies to be used at those amenities. The Assessment of Agent tracking ideas for the Blue Grass and Pueblo Chemical Agent Destruction Pilot Plants record additionally develops and describes a half-dozen eventualities regarding potential ACWA secondary waste characterization, method apparatus upkeep and changeover actions, and closure agent decontamination demanding situations, the place direct, real-time agent illness measurements on surfaces or in porous bulk fabrics may let extra effective and doubtless more secure operations if compatible analytical know-how is obtainable and affordable.

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Types of AELs based on vapor concentrations and duration of inhalation exposure doses are defined and presented for the three relevant chemical agents in Table 2-2. Guidelines from Volume 3 of Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals that were developed as acute exposure guideline levels (AEGLs) for various chemical agents, specifically GB, VX, and mustard agent in this case, are also included in Table 2-2 (NRC, 2003). Both sets of exposure levels are used by the Army. As briefly mentioned in Chapter 1, the contamination level of waste is often determined by sealing it in a bag or, for large equipment, a plastic “tent” enclosure at 70°F or warmer, for a time sufficient for agent vapor to equilibrate with the waste in the ambient air space.

Other uses of carbon at BGCAPP and PCAPP involve considerably smaller amounts; however, these uses produce a wide range of contamination levels. For example, activated carbon is used in the canisters in workers’ protective masks. These may or may not become contaminated depending on where and how they are used. Activated carbon is also used in the filters on the venting outlets of the agent collection system (ACS), where agent drained from munitions is collected before neutralization. The ACS carbon is expected to become highly contaminated.

Once in the EBH room, a robot will pick up each bucket and raise it to a platform near the top of the EBHs. A second robot will then move the bucket from the platform to an EBH, where the contents are dumped into the EBH. This area will be Category A, susceptible to both liquid and vapor contamination. 5 percent caustic, then heated to 240°F. After processing the metal parts and energetics for the specified time, the direction of rotation of the EBH drum will be reversed, lifting the metal parts out of the EBH and dropping them onto the vibrating screen belt of a horizontal conveyor.

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