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The inductance, L, of a circuit is a constant, permeability, /*, of the circuit is a constant. ForZ = and < proportioned to is X if the turns 8 amp. X io /*; thus L must be propor- Therefore, in coils with iron cores, L is a variable, changing with the value of current, just as In practice, when iron composes /* in the iron changes. tioned to /n. the magnetic circuit, there iron, since it ducting; and is in a certain loss in this magnetic, and also electrically condynamo machines and in coils with iron cores this loss considered.

34 for inductance the inductive reactance where The reactance capacity C when as shown - below 27rnC expressed in farads and is =2 n in cycles; for, by definition, the UNIT OF CAPACITY, called the farad, flowing into is such that an ampere for a second create between its as described, will it, If the capacity plates a volt difference of potential. more current or more time than one a be over unit, second will be required to produce a amount to the To of capacity. volt in a given capacity, volt, in proportion produce more than a more current must flow for a second in proportion to voltage to be produced.

Io. Both express the same In Fig. f. thing. 22 ALTERNATING CURRENT ENGINEERING. the current lagging about 70, the angle of phase being plotted on the horizontal In Fig. 10 the line, and the volts on the vertical. at each instant of phase, mean square values only are considered, and are plotted by vectors in angular displacement one from another. In diagrams of this kind, the square root of angle that the vector makes with any reference line, usually the horizontal line of the figure, represents the phase of the vector.

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