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By Elizabeth Higgins Gladfelter

Collects oral histories of a few of the main attention-grabbing and consultant box investigators to come back into their medical major within the 1950-90s. The ebook exhibits how kinds, techniques, and medical values replaced over 50 years and captures the event of clinical study within the box.

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Dennis Hubbard brought a background in sediment dynamics to a modern carbonate environment. He combined that research interest with a study of how coral reefs grow, plus he introduced hundreds of biology students to the principles of marine geology. D. at WIL and then returned to add his expertise in reef coral organismal physiology and ecology. This combination of academic interests and approaches to problems provided the WIL staff, as well as visiting students and scientists, with an interdisciplinary approach to the coral reef, which was fostered in formal and informal lab activities.

I don’t know why. What made animals work? Why did they do what they did? So I didn’t work in systematics, even though Boyd insisted I be trained in it. I worked in physiology and morphology, adaptations of fishes. That just fascinated me. But, while I was a graduate student, I also had to earn a living. At that time there was no NSF support, Sputnik was yet to fly, and TA-ships were very hard to come by. I was very fortunate to be hired as chemist-biologist at Marineland of the Pacific in Palos Verdes, the first West Coast oceanarium, in 1953 before it opened to the public.

Ancient reefs are a major reservoir for the world’s oil supplies so oil companies have an interest in them. Howard Odum and Eugene Odum had published a landmark paper in 1955 on the trophic structure of the coral reef (“Trophic Structure and Productivity of a Windward Coral Reef Community on Eniwetok Atoll,” Ecological Monographs 25 [1955]: 291– 320); this work inspired many aspiring scientists of following generations. As in many scientific fields, in coral reef science, a technological advance, in this case the easy availability of scuba gear, permitted the rapid development of a new discipline.

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