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By John Lechte

Can human rights guard the stateless? Or are they completely excluded from politics and condemned to "bare life"?Human rights are in difficulty this day. all over one seems to be, there's violence, deprivation, and oppression, which human rights norms look powerless to avoid. This ebook investigates the roots of the present drawback during the considered Italian thinker, Giorgio Agamben. Human rights conception and perform needs to come to grips with key difficulties pointed out by way of Agamben - the violence of the sovereign country of exception and the aid of humanity to 'bare' existence. Any renewal of human rights this day needs to contain breaking decisively with the conventional coordinates of Western political idea and as an alternative confirm a brand new knowing of existence and political motion.

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7). This serves as a reminder that even if freedom is not realised, the human is essentially invested with the potential to become free. This is because slavery cannot be understood to be an essential quality of the human, but is always a contingent thing. Consequently, there is no slavery without enslavement. 6 Almost invariably, it is made to appear that as the division between free and unfree is the key to Athenian and Roman society, slavery becomes the incarnation of unfreedom, as citizenship becomes the mark of freedom.

Thus far, our presentation indicates that a total rethinking of the Western tradition in political and social theory is required if any headway is to be made in irrlproving the situation of those who are external to, and excluded from, every possible polity. While many readings of Book l of the Politics are ready to concede that Aristotle' s is an ideological presentation of slavery, few have noted the exact basis on which a slave was considered a slave, namely, that he ministered to the physical needs of the community and, in particular, the household; for, so it goes, one must first solve the problem of physical survival before actual freedom is possible.

So my position leads not to apathy but to a hyper-and pessimistic activism' (2000: 253-80, 256). 22 Agamben and the Politics of Human Rights 15 See Derrida's discussion of autoimmunity and the 'war on terror' (2005: 40; see also Derrida in Borradori 2004: 94-102). 16 Here we remain skeptical of Ken Booth's association of security with human emancipation: the freedom entailed in the notion of emancipation is se en to equate with security as freedom from certain threats. Again, however, it is the ontological assumptions of security which, for us, pose certain problems and limits for freedom (see Booth 1991: 313-26).

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