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By Siegfried Zielinski

The media are actually redundant. In an summary of advancements spanning the earlier seventy years, Siegfried Zielinski’s [ . . . After the Media] discusses how the technique of technology-based conversation assumed a systemic personality and the way conception, paintings, and feedback have been operative during this technique. Media-explicit pondering is contrasted with media-implicit suggestion. issues of touch with an arts standpoint contain a reinterpretation of the artist Nam June Paik and an creation to the paintings of Jake and Dinos Chapman. The essay ends with appeals. In an summary of an exact philology of actual issues, Zielinski indicates chances of how issues may continue after the media. With a vade mecum opposed to psychopathia medialis within the kind of a manifesto, the ebook advocates for a contrast to be made among on-line life and offline being.

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