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Intervention was grounded in a "tragic error," the false belief that Ho Chi Minh was a "frontline agent" for the international Communist conspiracy-had we not been so naive and uninformed, so unpracticed in the ways of imperialism, we would have perceived that Vietnamese communism was in reality a national movement and been spared the "American tragedy" of Vietnam. S. 13 Mainstream scholarship can be trusted to conform to the requisite mythology, just as in the true totalitarian societies. Smith is not the only CIA source for information on news management.

The Bryce Report is perhaps the most important example available of a careful analysis of refugee reports on the part of a group attempting to assess the crimes of an enemy state. It was compiled under near-optimal conditions, and should be carefully borne in mind in evaluating such reports (or alleged reports) under far more ambiguous circumstances, from much more dubious sources. S. , were laughing up their sleeves. S. scholars took their own initiatives, as when a group of historians engaged in what one called "historical engineering, explaining the issues of the war that Precedents 27 we might the better win it," produced such material as The German-Bolshevik Conspiracy, a series of forged documents (as was suspected in Europe at the time) purporting to show that the Germans had materially assisted the Bolsheviks in coming to power and that Bolshevik leaders were paid agents of the German general staff.

S. S. S. S. backing) was well-known. Particularly revealing is the tacit assumption that the United States has the authority to intervene to impose its concept of humanity. 29 In particular, nothing in the intervening years led them to question the tacit assumption just noted. S. government is to be faulted, it is for the manner in which it has executed its mission. Russell's warning and analysis went unheeded. S. imperial state. In 1978 they proceeded to run a symposium asking whether in the light of events in postwar Cambodia, we should rethink "our opposition" to the Vietnam War 30 -we will not comment here on the astonishing assumptions that even permit that question to be raised.

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