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As the nutrient level of seawater varies from place to place and season to season, a programme of fertilization that works successfully in one location might not be working well in another area. Hence, it is necessary to apply fertilizers at different rates/levels at different times of the year in shrimp ponds. The best way to develop a suitable method for fertilizing pond water is to apply a moderate amount of fertilizer and observe its effect on the phytoplankton growth. Subsequently depending on the performance, the rate of application is to be adopted or determined.

Shrimps are considered to be more sensitive to abrupt changes in water quality parameters and hence utmost care needs to be exercised to maintain the water quality in shrimp farms. (i) Temperature Both growth and survival are directly influenced by temperature variations. Generally, the rate of growth increases with temperature, but at higher temperatures mortality also increases. While each species has its own optimum temperature range, temperatures between 26 and 30oC are generally considered suitable in terms of maximum yield.

Of the important species cultured, it is generally considered that P. monodon has wider salinity tolerance. Though the optimal growth of P. merguiensis was obtained at 27 ppt, P. semisulcatus seems to require a relatively high saline water. All species of penaeid shrimps however require almost marine seawater for maturation and spawning. To protect the shrimp ponds against abrupt changes in salinity: (a) There must be a provision to exchange pond water rapidly, and whenever it is required. (b) Sluice gates must be designed so as to permit rapid draining of surface water during and after heavy rains.

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