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This essay makes an attempt to illustrate the importance of the primary of job within the philosophy of Karl Marx. the primary of task in Marx has either a common and a particular that means. as a rule the princi­ ple refers back to the activist point in Marxian perform motivating either Marx and his modern devotees. the categorical aspect of the main pertains to Marx's philosophy - the main of task being that con­ cept which underlies the complete approach. task for Marx is either a philosophic suggestion and a component of human event demanded by way of his process. Marx, that's, not just theorizes approximately task but additionally illustrates his conception in hislife. accordingly, we discover the primary of job either in his writings and in his doings. the phrases motion, Tiitigkeit, or Praxis to consult Marx usually used the primary of task. No significant thinker has absolutely handled the idea that of motion. We occasionally believe that motion in simple terms happens after we can detect a few outward outcome or movement. Spinoza's definition of motion disallows this slim interpretation of job. I say that we act whilst something is finished, both inside us or with no us, of which we're the sufficient reason, that's to assert ... whilst from our nature something follows, both inside us or with out, which by means of that nature on my own may be sincerely and 1 extraordinarily understood.

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Science uses thought, not as the Greeks did to discover properties of entities, but to change data into objects. The key to progress in knowledge, then, is the transformation of the "material to serve" into meaningful objects. One might get the impression that Dewey is establishing science as the structure and method of thought. At times he approaches that. But, elsewhere, he is careful to make distinctions between scientific and other modes of thinking. Science, he states, resolves objects and nature as a whole into facts stated exclusively in terms of quantities which may be handled in calculation.

Reprinted through permission of the publisher. ACTIVITY AND KNOWLEDGE 23 appear that Marxism and Pragmatism came to similar views independently. In comparing the epistemology of Marxism and Pragmatism we shall take John Dewey as the representative of Pragmatism. Marx's conception of knowledge and truth have more in common, certainly, with Dewey than with James. James' emphasis on personal utility would distinguish his view from Marx. One interpreter of Marx, however, has differentiated Marxism from Pragmatism taking James' sUbjective view as representative.

These are the residue from past experience; we do not start empty-handed. " 2 1 2 J. Dewey, The Quest tor Certainty. (New York: Putnam, I929), p. J. Dewey, A Common Faith. (New Haven: Yale University Press, 5I. I934), p. 50. ACTIVITY AND KNOWLEDGE The dificulty here, of course, is the fact that mind only arises on the occasion of the doubtful. It would appear that there can be no residuum if the mind is called forth only on certain occasions; mind creates a calm and fades away into inactivity. It seems clear that Dewey wants to "load" the event itself so that it is both retentive of the past and attentive to the future.

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