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By François Cooren

What occurs while humans speak or discussion with one another? this is often the daunting query that this e-book proposes to handle by way of ranging from a debatable speculation: What if human interactants weren't the one ones to be thought of, paraphrasing Austin (1962), as “doing issues with words”? that's, what if different “things” may be granted the prestige of brokers in a dialogical scenario? motion and organization in discussion: ardour, incarnation, and ventriloquism proposes to discover this specified speculation by way of mobilizing metaphorically the idea of ventriloquism. in line with this ventriloqual viewpoint, interactions are by no means merely neighborhood, yet dislocal, that's, they regularly mobilize figures (collectives, ideas, values, feelings, etc.) that incarnate themselves in people’s discussions. This hugely unique e-book, which develops the analytical, functional and moral dimensions of the sort of theoretical positioning, should be of curiosity to conversation students, linguists, sociologists, dialog analysts, administration and organizational students, in addition to philosophers attracted to language, motion and ethics.

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As any conversation analyst knows, it is often quite easy to reconstruct certain aspects of the context of an interaction even if, of course, other aspects can remain indeterminable. Far from defining what an interaction means, a context can thus often be generated from the text (transcript) itself. Furthermore, Schegloff (1997) elegantly shows that interactants themselves are orienting to specific aspects of their context that they deem relevant and that it is these aspects of the context that we ought to take into account as analysts.

What we call our actions, that is, what should be proper to us, usually is what we are aiming to for, what we want to obtain, what we intend to do. Intentionality therefore appears to have a lot to do with appropriation in that an intentional action is what I will tend to attribute to myself in a chain of agency I appeared . Here, it should be clear that I am not using intentionality in the technical sense used by Brentano (1995) and Husserl (1995). My usage is closer to Searle’s (1983) even if I tend to disagree with his conclusions.

In other words, human intentionality does not appear to be an essential feature of action in general, even if some forms of human action tend to involve, of course, their author’s intentionality. Besides these nuances, these eight dictionary acceptations also allow us to implicitly define action as referring to the production of some kind of change (definitions 1 and 2), the actual process that consists of doing something (definitions 3, 4b, 5, 6, 7, and 8), the result of a doing (definition 4a), or the initiation of a doing (definition 4c).

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