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Read Online or Download Actes Du Congres International Des Mathematiciens: 1/10 Septembre 1970/NICE/France [3 VOLUME SET] PDF

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Ss \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ 1s \ \ V. i* \ \ \ A circle formed by circles. / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ' / / / / Three parallel lines look as if they are not parallel. Perfect squares look as if they are warped. The vertical line looks longer than the horizontal line. The three columns have exactly the same height. Is this picture ot two profiles, or a picture of a man and a woman head to head? If we look at the black parts, it looks like two people facing each other. But the white parts look like a woman's head upside-down over a man's.

Tom, you take I , Jim you take L and Jack, you take J of the sheep. ' The old man died after saying this. The three sons were very sad, but they were also puzzled as to how they could share the 17 sheep. A wise man passed by and heard of their trouble. ' Indeed, of the 18 sheep is 9 sheep, J is 6 sheep and 5 is 2 sheep, and this way the three sons could share the original 17 sheep, and give the wise man his sheep back. Can you discover why the wise man's advice worked? 3, read as 'zero point three', is a decimal.

Similarly, 2 < 2 . 3 < 3 . Decimals may be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided. When we carry out calculations using decimals, we have to be careful to see what each figure stands for. For example, when we add or subtract decimals, we usually write the numbers in columns so that their decimal points come under each other. 1. Therefore, 2 x 0 . 1 __ ^ 10 i 5 . By dividing the numerator of a fraction by its denominator, we can write the fraction in the form of a decimal. A CLOSE LOOK AT DECIMALS By magnifying a part of a ruler, we can clearly see the decimal markings.

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