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Evie Decker is a shy, a little plump youngster, lonely and silent. yet her quiet lifestyles is shattered whilst she hears the voice of Drumstrings Casey at the radio and turns into immediately interested in him. She manages to satisfy him, bursting out of her lonely shell--and into the attentive gaze of the intangible guy who turns into all too real....

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The question was whether moneylessness was the cause of the Typees’ amity or itself the manifestation of a fraternalism with other roots. ”18 What Dwight and his colaborers overlooked, and what Hawthorne made a dominant theme in his fictive treatment of the community, was the power of sexual rivalry to undermine brotherhood and sisterhood even in a materially egalitarian world. As              Freud would argue against socialism, human aggression, while expressing itself in a lust for property, was not created by private property or curable by its abolition: “If we do away with personal rights over material wealth, there still remains prerogative in the field of sexual relationships, which is bound to become the source of the strongest dislike and the most violent hostility among men who in other respects are on an equal footing” (CD –).

39 In Typee Melville adopts a similar position: “Let the savages be civilized, but civilize them with benefits, and not with evils; and let heathenism be destroyed, but not by destroying the heathen” (T ). Even as he wrote these words, however, Melville must have known from the experience of Tahiti and the Hawaiian Islands that they were wishful thinking. The Protestant ethic was the inflexible rule of missionary civilization, and, forced by their conquerors to enter the stream of history on Western religio-economic terms, the Marquesans would go the way of other post-contact societies.

37 Melville would have agreed. His experience in Polynesia gave him the basis for a Marcusan critique of civilization, yet with the exception of Pierre (which has its own special history), Clarel, and the poem “After the Pleasure Party” the critique went largely unwritten. Typee and Omoo are indignant books, but they are not, as they might have been, pleas for sensuous liberation like Leaves of Grass. Returning to America in October , after more than three and a half years in the Pacific, Melville found his family and the nation substantially changed.

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