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By Jim Cullen

A brief heritage of the trendy Media provides a concise background of the foremost media of the final a hundred and fifty years, together with print, degree, movie, radio, tv, sound recording, and the Internet.

  • Offers a compact, teaching-friendly presentation of the historical past of mass media
  • Features a dialogue of works in pop culture which are famous and simply available
  • Presents a historical past of recent media that's strongly interdisciplinary in nature

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Perhaps the most important dimension of the war’s influence was in the realm of photography, though its effect was not immediate because of the technical barriers involved in the rapid reproduction of images. M. Daguerre led to images known as daguerreotypes. When Englishman William Henry Fox developed a method for making such images reproducible, this led to a vibrant culture of cartes de visites, business-card-sized photographs people made of themselves to distribute among friends and family, something particularly common for soldiers to distribute to loved ones before going off to war.

Though the names Maria Cummins, Mrs. N. Southworth, and Susan Warner are known today mostly to feminist literary historians, they were bona fide celebrities of their time on the basis of their writing, as was the tart-tongued newspaper columnist Fanny Fern. Hawthorne famously wrote with jealousy of the ‘‘damned female scribblers’’ whose fame he never matched; Melville’s attempt to explore the sentimental style of such writers, Pierre (1852), was a critical and commercial disaster that effectively ended his career as a novelist.

Questions to consider 1. 2. What are some of the reasons people like to be scared? Explain how the genre of horror emerged from the Enlightenment. 3. How did the migration of horror to other media change its impact? 4. How do you account for the recent popularity of vampire culture, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter? ’’ Poe had one of the most fertile imaginations in the history of popular culture, and his celebrated poem eventually became the inspiration for a National Football League team.

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