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By Uyen Hua

Poetry. Asian American stories. the private is the cultural! an exhilarating introspective descent into the inferno of pop culture, the place one's psychic lifestyles is a posh and troubling internet of non-public kinfolk with magnificent icons. not one of the postmodern snark, all the nuanced horror of a global the place there's not anything yet reputation, yet reputation itself has develop into a wholly naturalized or even banal colonization of the human situation. A bold and implacable prognosis of capital's imageworld, and the destiny of the sorrowful cognizance inside of it. additionally: hilarious.

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She gives you a song to let him know how you feel You play it on his lawn with the speaker held high with little to no effect What went wrong? What was the difference? You place everything in a box for record It’s important; this all used to be something The end of the year lists are relentless in their efforts to make us feel something There’s a return and there’s something to that; it’s a record; There’s a desired effect, but it’s different 41 contrary to jamie foxx’s revelation: the field holds many bodies—present and with personal intention, yes though only one player is able to move at any given point in time; and I try to put a limit on the number of times I say this but, marilyn manson has the right idea: difference in knowing what it is you want, and what you like as in, "I like hamburgers" versus, "hamburgers make me feel—" for a pawn in the pawn shop give piece; in likeness we become exempt from indispensability; we experience shock as a luxury 42 all else fails—be gentle 43 that stillshot from that movie of keanu making a telephone call on a banana; ad nauseam.

Expectation, created by pattern/or; entitlement will bring you suffering (sic). you pretending to be me, pretending to be you; (sic). songs we play that we pretend we play for others; like when we say, this poem is about globalization (ad nauseam) because a kid, living in the country that bianca balti is from, visits his stepdad in west palm beach, and goes to the gas station to buy bang snaps that were produced where adrianna lima was born. gasoline all around; we document human experience. your body’s length against three adjoining states; and every single rest stop; songs about us.

You, having driven eighty-seven miles in your yellow buick, are wearing bulkpackaged tube socks and demanding a recall on the broccoli-cauliflower hybrids. " I hadn’t known there to be any especially noteworthy peaks in shanghai and yet, you look so proud, and I’m so impressed, and happy for you. today, I want to think about you, with you beside me. I want to be with you, with you in mind. now, you’re waiting on a woman’s doorstep, making note of pattern while drinking diet coke and chainsmoking.

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