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By W. Owen Cole

This dictionary comprises lots of the phrases which are concerning Sikhism. even though probably not an introductory path, through interpreting the definitions of such a lot of phrases within the Sikh vocabulary, one will get an concept of what the faith is all approximately, together with its relation to Islam and Hinduism, the 2 similar faiths of India. The publication lists the main figures in Sikhism, an summary of the heritage of the faith, an inventory of the sacred books, theology and a common evaluation of the philosophy, either within the creation and within the definitions itself. a good relief for these drawn to the religion.

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Dal Kh ls On Baisakhi Day 1748 Nawab Kapoor Singh addressed the sarbat Khalsa suggesting the formation of a well-organized standing army to replace the Taruna Dal (army of the young) which gathered only in times of emergency. A gurmatta was passed setting up the Dal Khalsa under the leadership of Baba Jassa Singh Aluwalia. It was divided into eleven misls, units each with its own commander. They were: Aluwalia, under Jassa Singh Aluwalia, Fyzullapuria or Singhpuria, under Nawab Kapoor Singh, Sukerchakia, under Naudh Singh of Sukerchakia village, Nishanwalia, under Dasaundha Singh, standard bearer of the Dal Khalsa, Bhangi, under Hari Singh, (his successor as leader had an addiciton to bhang, hashish, hence the name), Kanhaya, under Jai Singh of Kahna village, Nakkai, under Hari Singh of the region called Nakka near Lahore, Dallewalia, under Gulab Singh of the village of that name, Shaheed, under Deep Singh (it took that name after his martrydom), Karora Singhia, under Karora Singh, Ramgarhia, under Nand Singh.

Make the renunciation of self and attachment be your earrings. Disgard lust, wrath and pride, and, by the guru’s instruction, you will receive sublime wisdom. Behold the Lord who is all-pervading, make him your patched coat and begging bowl and he will ferry you across (the world-ocean). Let control of your body be your asana and mind-control your loin cloth’ (AG 939). Guru Nanak may not have made a comment quite as acerbic as that of Kabir, ‘A pig is worth more than a shakta, for it keeps the village clean’, but there is no doubt that he shared the view that they were pernicious as well as preachers of a message of false hope.

Dhann A vaishnavite jat from Rajasthan who is said to have been a disciple of Ramanand. Three of his compositions are included in the Adi Granth. Dharam Yudh War in the defence of righteousness is regarded as proper by Sikhs. ’ In this, Sikhs assert, he was only pursuing the policy of Guru Nanak, who spoke out against tyranny, by other means. The interpretation of these words is that it was only such a struggle that could be justified, not one undertaken for self-aggrandisement. Guru Gobind Singh laid down five conditions of such a war.

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