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Rights are easy development blocks of the modern country, but their rigorous justification is hard. This booklet offers a radical research of this significant subject, and demanding situations the orthodox view that rights are one of those estate declare in one's physique. Drawing at the culture of the social agreement in addition to the wealth of contemporary paintings in political concept, Ingram conceives of rights as one of those political declare, and exhibits how they are often justified in a fashion fairly fitted to the pluralistic nature of up to date liberal society.

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Its target is involuntary slavery. 75 But this throws into question the major ideological justification for self-ownership—that it identifies the injustice of slavery and the like. If slavery by consent is all right, then what is wrong with slavery is not what it is, but only the use of force to bring it about. But this means that the case for self-ownership is grossly oversold if it is represented as identifying the injustice of slavery, when, in fact, involuntary slavery is all that is in question.

So what it means to have a right is to have a certain proprietary control over the domain specified as the object of the right. 44 A claim of right is validly made if it can be shown to be contained in, or derivable from, the core system of proprietary projections and benefits associated with self-ownership. The elucidation and critique of this appealing doctrine will occupy Chapters 2–4 and recur as a foil to developments in later chapters. Self-ownership endorses negative individual liberty, that is, the freedom to do as one pleases as long as one does not harm others.

39. , sect. 193, p. 442 (italics in original). 57 James Tully, A Discourse on Property, 114. WHAT IS SELF-OWNERSHIP? 58 The second reason for keeping Locke's definition in mind is that its entailment of power to individuals over others helps account for the tendency to equate all forms of power with ownership, one disastrous example of which was the political theory of absolute power which assigned to rulers the ownership of their subjects as well as of all other resources under their rule. These definitions enable us to see, in the abstract, the various components of the concept of self-ownership.

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