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Popular 1950s depictions of Asia, from musicals to memoir to adoption and sponsorship programs, offered new images of Asians that could extend to Asian Americans. Klein interprets these as family-​based, sentimental appeals that cohered the American audience with the properly Americanized Asian families onscreen. ”14 Klein’s study, which focuses on the new, acceptable images of Asians in middlebrow culture, strongly suggests that the new image implies an erasure or deception in order to accomplish reframing.

It is the positioning of the Asian American as perpetual foreigner that makes the category so important in the construction and definition of US racial lines and forms. ”12 Lowe notes that for Asian Americans in particular, American national imagining “requires the orientalist construction of cultures and geographies from which Asian immigrants come as fundamentally ‘foreign’ origins antipathetic to the modern American society that ‘discovers,’ ‘welcomes,’ and ‘domesticates’ them” (5). Thus, even “narratives of immigrant inclusion” have to start from this foundation that has so controlled our imagination of the Asian American (6).

I extend Fiedler’s hypothesis beyond even what he was willing to do. He referred to modern times, the plight of the marginalized African American or other minority characters and people, and the adult separation of children who had innocently crossed the color line, but I examine the obvious parallels of the ongoing prohibitions against both 16Introduction homosexuality and interracial marriage, which were challenged by immigration trends and legal means in the 1950s and into the next decade. Chapter Four looks at a maximal archive, suggesting how Asian Americanist praxis can refigure not simply a novel, or an author, or merely an author studies, but an entire conception of region, nation, and history that has long been anchored by perhaps the most canonical American author.

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