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By Laurent Schwartz

Laurent Schwartz is among the so much amazing intellects of the 20 th century. His discovery of distributions, probably the most appealing theories in arithmetic, earned him a 1950 Fields Medal. past this bold fulfillment, his love for technology and for instructing led him to imagine deeply and lecture widely to most of the people at the importance of technology and arithmetic to the future health of the area. even as, his dedication to the social strong, even on the price of his liked study, proved an ethical compass all through his existence. The struggle for human rights and his significant position within the conflict opposed to the wars in Algeria and Vietnam have been standard of concerns as regards to his middle. the tale of his existence within the context of his century presents for destiny generations an inspiring testimonial from a unprecedented mathematician and philosopher. Laurent Schwartz is a strategist of rules, inside of arithmetic and with out. he's a superb communicator who has drawn large audiences and conveyed to them the perfume of analysis, or the enjoyment of educating, or the worth of freedom. His is a brain whose corporation is rarely uninteresting. He belongs to the good libertarian culture of France. And his ebook has the very French attribute of giving severe attention to the lifetime of the mind. No man's lifestyles could be encompassed in a single telling, but the spirit of the guy and his occasions are good stuck in his autobiography. (K. Chandrasekharan, Notices of the AMS)

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When I asked why, I needed a complete explanation, but I rarely received it. Some of my questions lasted for as long as ten or fifteen years. Often it was impossible to ans wer me properly because the true ans wer would have been too difficult for me to understand. For example, in my bath, I had of course tried the broken stick experiment: you thrust a stick into the water and it looks broken. I had also remarked how deformed my hand looked if I stuck it in water, either horizontally or vertically.

What I used to call my competitive spirit was confirmed in the mathematics c1ass. Obviously, Iwanted to be number one. However, I never actually worked for that precise goal, any more than I had worked on Latin in order to win the Concours General. I sat at my table, opened my books and solved problems in a kind of euphoric state. Naturally, this was very helpful in becoming first of the c1ass, yet I did it for my own personal pleasure. I was also very interested 38 A Mathematician Grappling with his Century by some subjects which had no effect on my class rank or competition results.

1 said that if the cone was cut by a plane perpendicular to these focals, the intersection points of the focals with the plane were foci of the section of the cone in the plane. 1 wrote all this in excellent mathematical style. Julien always worked on improving my style, and by the end of the year 1 wrote in a style so elegant and correct it was almost literary. He wasn't surprised that 1 received an accessit, even though 1 didn't completely finish the problem. at was catastrophic. The formula a2 = 2 b + c 2 - 2bc cosA for the sides and angles of a triangle was constantly needed, and 0 horror, 1 wrote sinA instead of cosA.

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