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Giving up the notions that I knew exactly who I was and how great my failures were actually enabled me to take charge of my life and better manage the creativity that comes through me. 46 Self-hatred is nearly universal and takes many forms, from arrogance to false humility. Forgiveness teaches that we need not actually learn to “love ourselves" but instead to see that everything hateful or unloving within us is a fiction that can be gently, firmly set aside. When there is nothing left within us but love, then forgiveness has brought us to reality.

Anyone trapped in illusion is healed by seeing through it, not by being schooled in a harsher illusion. Thus, all criminals need a better metaphysics, a wiser foundation for their thinking. 33 ii How to forgive a murderer? First, by differentiating his sufferings from his exploitation of death to ease them. For his sufferings — greed, jealousy, frustration — he will need reeducation, support, and compassion. For our outrage about murder, we need to examine deeply our faith in death. As long as we collectively believe that death has power over life, we will spawn deluded, self-appointed little gods who want that power.

You must become an eminently practical, everyday philosopher of pain and redemption, changing your habits and exemplifying change for others as you go along. This is the work you chose for yourself when you attacked. It only begins with apologies and recompense. 45 ii hen did you decide that you had the power to ruin your whole life? How do you know how much healing is possible? Are you in charge of all creation? Are you calling all the shots? W f When I began to understand how arrogant it was to believe that I was deeply flawed and doomed to frustration, I was chagrined in a way I had never felt before.

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