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Herodotus is characterized as 'Ofirjpov £r]\a>Tr)s—'OfxrjpiKwTaros (Dionys. Halic. ad Cn. Pompeium, p. 772, Reiske ; Longinus De Sublim. p. 86, ed. Pearce). 2 While Plutarch (if indeed the treatise de Herodoti Malignitate be CHAP. ] XERXES RESOLVES TO INVADE GREECE. 9 I have already mentioned that Xerxes is described J Xerxes a ?. nounces his as having originally been averse to the enterprise, project an assemto an assem and only stimulated thereto by the persuasions of Mardonius : this was probably the genuine Persian belief, for the blame of so great a disaster would naturally be transferred from the monarch to some e^a^ evil counsellor1.

Follow me with thy wife and thy entire family ? Know that the sensitive soul of man dwells in his ears : on hearing good things, it fills the body with delight, but boils with wrath when it hears the contrary. As, when thou didst good deeds and madest good offers to me, thou canst not boast of having surpassed the king in generosity—so now, when thou hast turned round and become impudent, the punishment inflicted on thee shall not be the full measure of thy deserts, but something less.

66); of Demeter at Paros (vi. 134—if not the priests, at least persons full of temple inspirations); of Halus in Achaia Phthi6tis (vii. 197); of the Kabeiri in Thrace (ii. 51); of persons connected with the Heroon of Protesi- 16 HISTORY OF GREECE. [PART II. VastpreWhile we take due notice of those religious conparations 1 1 1 • of Xerxes, ceptions with which both the poet and the historian Iaus in the Chersonese (ix. 116, 120). The facts which these persons communicated to him were always presented along with associations referring to their own functions or religious sentiments, nor did Herodotus introduce anything new when he incorporated them as such in his history.

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