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Initially a Ph.D. thesis. This reprint publishes the thesis pages in keeping with actual web page facet.

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5 As in Aboriginal societies generally, one's relationship standing with respect to another person iapliea a more or leaa fixed pattern of behaviour toward them, varying with relative age and familiarity. Drastic deviation from the expected pattern disgraces a person in the eyes of others, and gives rise to powerful ·emotions of shame and embarrassment ~· Exemplary conduct brings public approval. Hale ritual life in the Western Desert has been much studied by anthropologists. As is well-known, there is a series of secret rituals through which a maie child becomes an initiated man ~· Preparation for these rituals requires periods of seclusion before and after initiation, and special instruction by guardians.

Nouns may also denote places, natural phenomena, noises, ritual happenings and linguistic entities like words and languages. To account for certain types of noun phrase structure it is useful to recognise a seal! 2-3) like~ 'flesh food', wati 'initiated man', tjulpu 'bird'. Adjectives in Yankunytjatjara can be roughly divided into active and stative classes. Stative adjectives are the semantically prototypical adjective - ascribing more. or less permanent properties to the referent of a noun phrase.

There are three broad semantic types of verbless clause correlated with the na·ture of the predicative complement: (i) Equative sentences, for example (2-23), identify the referent of one expression with the referent of the other - the complement is a noun phrase, a referring expression. 5),or followed . by the negative morpheme wiya in the privative construction. 6). ka aau this-EVIDENT big(NOK) 'Thta . locative and other peripheral NPa, and time aDd spatial qualifiers), and combine through serial verb, subordinate and coordinate constructions to form complex sentences.

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