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By John W. Whitehead

In a central authority of Wolves: The rising American Police State, John W. Whitehead charts America's transition from a society ruled through we the folks to a police country ruled via the powerful arm of the legislations. In such an atmosphere, the legislation turns into one more device to oppress the folks. As a constitutional legal professional of nationwide prominence, and as president of The Rutherford Institute, a world civil liberties association, Whitehead has been on the vanguard of the struggle for civil liberties during this nation.

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Once there, the police allegedly followed the smell of burning marijuana to an apartment where, after knocking and announcing themselves, they promptly kicked the door in–allegedly on the pretext that evidence of drugs might be destroyed. Despite the fact that it turned out to be the wrong person, the wrong apartment, and a violation of every tenet that stands between us and a police state, the Supreme Court sanctioned the warrantless raid, saying that police had acted lawfully and that was all that mattered.

That is why I keep writing. That is why John Whitehead continues to write and advocate for those whose rights are being trampled. " But only a basically free country could have produced back then such freedom of expression that has become so energizing a global presence. If we are to be again this free a nation, John Whitehead will have had a lot to do with our being able to swing again. CHAPTER 1 I Am Afraid "America will never be destroyed from the outside. "2–ABRAHAM LINCOLN Who can forget the television and Internet images of sinister-looking, black-garbed police officers in riot gear facing down unarmed groups of nonviolent protesters?

The "roving wiretaps" provision allows the FBI to wiretap phones in multiple homes without having to provide the target's name or even phone number–merely the possibility that a suspect "might" use the phone is enough to justify the wiretap. The "lone wolf" provision allows intelligence gathering on people not suspected of being part of a foreign government or known terrorist organization. And Section 215 of the Patriot Act allows court-approved seizure of records and property in so-called antiterrorism operations.

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