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15- of elevator annunciator is shown in [Ami. ] An Fire-Alarm Annunciator, annunciator used in connection with a system by means of a puff of breath transmitted through an ordinary speaking tube. The of fire-alarms. Annunciator, Gravity-Drop - An - annunciator whose signals are operated by the fall of a drop. s coming from different number office is points in a hotel or other in room, any with the who central tube speaking wishes office, in his A place. person to communicate blows room, through and the by an electric contact, rings a bell and operates a drop at the annunciator, thus indicating the exact tube at which the attendant is to The attendant can thus be receive the message.

See Blow-Pipe, Elec- the carbons are too near together. The cause of the hissing is not entirely understood. due Prof. Elihu circle, and used in electric balances for measuring the electric current. suggests that it is Arc Lamp. ) Arc Lighting. ) A Arc, Metallic voltaic arc formed between metallic electrodes. When the voltaic arc is formed between metallic electrodes instead of carbon electrodes, a flaming arc is obtained, the color of which is characteristic of the burning metal iant green arc.

26. late) Artificial Carbons. Counter-Electromotive Force Lightning Arrester. (See Speech, Articu(See Carbons, Arti- ficial) D, has one end connected to ground, and the other end has two conducting paths to giound. One of these paths is through the ordinary combprotector at P, by the ground plate E; this circuit includes a few turns Artificial Illumination. (See Illumina- tion, Artificial) Artificial Line. Artificial (See Line, Artificial) Magnet. (See Magnet, Arti- ficial) The of wire C'. path is ponding other through a correscoil either C, interior or exterior to C', so as to be within ductive field.

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