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By Luo Yuming. Translated with Annotations and an Introduction by Ye Yang

A historical past of chinese language literature from its early beginnings in the course of the finish of the Qing dynasty, this fresh paintings from Professor Luo Yuming of Chinas Fudan collage seeks to supply, through adopting new theoretical views and utilizing up-to-date examine, a coherent, panoramic description of the advance of chinese language literature and its significant features. As one of many only a few English translations of such works by way of chinese language authors it seeks to notify the Western viewers of the new viewpoints and scholarship at the subject from a number one chinese language student. it might probably additionally offer a few grounds of comparability and distinction with similar works within the West.

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For instance, the first stanza of “Deer Cry” says: 20 chapter two Yow, yow, cry the deer nibbling the herbs in the wild. I have some honored guests, so we play zithers and reed pipes. We play reed pipes and organs, and offer baskets of gifts. Those who like me will show me the great way. According to a record, it was a song used by the Son of Heaven in feasting his subordinates and guests. The poem uses the cry of the deer for one another to symbolize the amity between the host and his guests. It moves on to describe the musical performance and presentation of gifts at the banquet, and closes in an expectant tone: you who like me, please show me the way to the bright future!

A forthright and passionate style is surely the product of free, untrammeled emotions, while the expression of the implicit and the ambiguous must have resulted from inhibited feelings. This is especially true in the early stage of the development of a literature, in a time when people have not yet started searching consciously for a variety of artistic styles. Love usually leads to marriage, but marriage is not always happy. In the Songs of the States there are quite a few poems that portray the world of emotions between husband and wife.

During this stage, the social class of the “Elite” was particularly active in the domains of ideology and culture, and they exerted the greatest influence on the development of literature in the broad sense of the word. The so-called “Elite” originally referred to aristocrats at the lowest level. By the Spring and Autumn period, the term was in fact applied to those who used their knowledge and talents to serve rulers and to advance their own interests, and some others who made a profession of imparting general cultural knowledge.

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