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OHG louh, OS lök, OE leac, OIc. laukr ,leek'; PIE */lowg-o-s/, cf. Gk. pliant twig', Lat. weeds', Lith. supple'. movable property'. Transl. )'. : Shetelig 27-33*; Bugge-Olsen no. 51*; Johannesson no. 21; Noreen no. 20; Krause 1937, no. 17*; Makaev no. 25; Krause 1966, no. 37*; Krause 1971, no. 26; Klingenberg 1973, 74. 20. Einang stone. Oppland, Norway. D. (R—L) . . dagastizrunofaihido R. 5—7 sti only weakly recognizable; R. 16 h reversed. In words: . . dagastiz runo faihido. . d-a-; end of the first member of a compound name.

1-16, 11-10, 11s =<. In words: . . flagdafaikinaz ist. . magoz minas staina . . daz faihido. flagd-a-; PG */flagd-a-/, cf. OIc. stroke, attack', ultimately related to */flok-an-a-n/, cf. OHG fluohhan ,to curse', OE flocan ,to strike', OIc. /7ofa>zn_,confused'; PIE »/plag-dh-o-/ « */pleg- ~ plek-/), cf. Gk. piege~, Lat. plaga ,blow', OS1. plakati s

Me]z woduride staina brijoz dohtriz dalidun arbijarjostez arbijano. ek, see 6 Gärdlösa. wiwaz, cf. OHG Wiwa, Wiwila. wi-wa-z, masc. nom. , wo-stem; PG */weyg-wa-z/, cf. MHG weigen ,move to and fro', Go. beetle', OHG wihhan, OS wikan, OE wican, OIc. vikva ,give way, take a course, turn'; PIE */weyk-wo-s/ (beside */weyg-wo-s/), cf. OInd. retreats, runs away', Lith. quick, agile', Gk. yield, succumb', Lat. vicia ,vetch', Latv. vikstu, vikt ,bend, become supple'. ; PG */af-ter-a-/, cf. Go. ) aftaro, OHG after, OE after, OIc.

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