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By Erik Ringmar

There has been by no means any such factor as actual freedom of speech. some time past, that allows you to communicate freely you needed to have entry to a printing press, a newspaper, a radio or a television station. And all over the place you needed to get previous the editors. purely participants of the elite ever did – the articulate and well-behaved 'representatives' of standard humans. yet these traditional humans rarely, if ever, had an opportunity to talk publicly and freely.  Until now. The age of running a blog has began. the web revolution has given us all an opportunity to be irreverent, blasphemous and ungrammatical in public. we will demonstrate secrets and techniques, blow whistles, spill beans or simply make stuff up.   The previous elites don't love it. actually, they truly, rather hate it. Blogs are quite often close down, and bloggers are silenced, reprimanded and fired from their jobs. all of sudden glossy liberal society unearths a repressive face that few folks knew existed.   should still we behave ourselves? should still we fall silent? totally no longer! Let's name them on their hypocrisy. Let's call for that glossy liberal society lives through the rules it claims to include. Bloggers of the area, unite! you don't have anything to lose yet your gags.

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A woman from Human Resources began asking detailed questions about an operation I had had a few years earlier. One day, a motorcycle courier delivered a confidential invitation to go on a medical leave. Needless to say, I declined. I was very angry, but I was not mad. ). I don’t know if it is a regular procedure or a way of trying to intimidate you, but I made sure that nothing of what I replied could be held against you. qxd 01/08/2007 12:46 PM Page 51 Free Speech and Censorship at the LSE 51 teacher and tutor.

Hence, the acronym ‘PDFTT’ seen on some sites – ‘Please Don’t Feed the Trolls’. qxd 28 01/08/2007 12:43 PM Page 28 A Blogger’s Manifesto Freedom of speech is thus unlikely to exist within an individual blog but happens instead between blogs. If you’re banned from someone’s website, you can always set up your own. On the internet trolls too have full freedom of expression. In fact, much of the blogosphere resembles a virtual Scandinavian forest where trolls and other shady creatures are wreaking terrible revenge on their enemies, real as well as imaginary.

In contrast to a newspaper, where every word remains indelibly for all future, the words in the blog disappear when you delete them. If your boss complains, change the text around and claim it never was there in the first place. The problem with both these techniques is that your web page may be stored – or ‘cached’ – in other places on the web. qxd 32 01/08/2007 12:43 PM Page 32 A Blogger’s Manifesto Google maintains an enormous cache of old pages and there are websites that specialize in archiving old versions of the internet.

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