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To indicate the magnetometer’s ability to concentrate its sensitivity in a small region, the concept of half-sensitivity volume has been defined (15). This concept means the region in the source area (brain) where the detector sensitivity is one-half or more of the maximum sensitivity in the source region. The smaller the half-sensitivity volume, the better is the detector’s ability to focus its sensitivity in a small region. In magnetocardiography, it is relevant to detect the magnetic dipole moment of the volume source of the heart and to make the sensitivity distribution within the heart region as independent of the position in the axial direction as possible.

In practice the physical dimensions of the coils in magnetic stimulation are much larger than those used in measuring biomagnetic fields. Therefore the results of this article concerning the calculation of magnetic lead fields are not as directly applicable to stimulation problems as are those of the electric lead fields. EQUIPMENT AND EXPERIMENTS Magnetocardiography Selection of the Source Model for MCG. In ECG and MCG the clinical problem is to solve the inverse problem, that is, to find the source of the detected signal so as to obtain information about the anatomy and physiology of the source.

Sensitivity distribution of an axial gradiometer in the inhomogeneous spherical head model. 200 h [mm] 200 100 Zero sensitivity line ity volume, of course, is achieved with the shortest distance/ baseline. 2 cm3, respectively. 8 cm3, respectively. The 20 mm coil distance from scalp and 10 mm coil radii are realistic for the helmet-like whole-head MEG detector. However, MEG devices exist for recording in a limited region where the coil distance and the coil radii are on the order of 1 mm. Therefore the half-sensitivity volumes for planar gradiometers with a 1 mm coil radius at 0 mm to 20 mm recording distances are also illustrated in Fig.

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